Sunday, 31 March 2013

Look what the Easter bunny found...

We've been bouncing around, finding some great pieces.

We felt our hearts skip a beat when we found this 1920s medial cabinet from New York. This amazing cabinet in untouched original condition can be purchased as seen, or restored.

This beautiful original petite display cabinet was formally at home in a small Chateau in the outskirts of Paris.This C19th cabinet has all the original paint and patina of 150 years.

Here at Circus we pride ourselves on variety. The cool clean lines of these 'Steel Case' red vinyl chairs give such a splash of colour to any room.

We have a rare new entry. This small paneled cupboard, is in fact a child's bed room dresser. The wonderful blue paint and old steel door catches give this sweet French dresser such distinction. 

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  1. Nice collection! You are our neighbours and my wife and I have been meaning to swing by. Today's the day it looks like! Good work!!!